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Legacy - Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc LEGACY is a fascinating wine. Its grapes are grown in a vineyard at a height of 350 meters on the slopes of the Ephraim Hills. This vineyard, with its unique micro-climate, has the clearest influence on the wine character. The wine was refined in barrels for 18 months until it reached full synergy of aroma and flavors. Which is characterized by the classic aroma of the Cabernet Franc. It has a pleasant and attractive green .touch, characteristic of the variety, which blends into a sweet fruit fragrance and is wrapped in the comfort of the wood. Its velvety texture and its presence leaves its mark long after drinking.

Winery: Teperberg Winery   Variety: Cabernet Franc
Country: Israel   Type: Red
Vintage:   Bottle Size: 750ml