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Barkan Assemblage Reichan

This wine comes from several plots in the Upper Galilee: Cabernet Sauvignon from three plots around Alma, with an altitude ranging from 620 to 640 meters, Merlot and Shiraz from Kerem Ben Zimra, at an altitude of 670 meters (Shiraz) and 830 meters (Merlot). Some of the plots have volcanic soil and others are Terra Rossa on a rocky substrate. The area is characterized by the variations between the plots, which is also probably responsible for its charm as a wine growing region in particular, and as a tourist region in general.

This wine combines Cabernet Sauvignon (67%) with Merlot (20%) and Shiraz (13%).

The wines were aged separately in French oak barrels, half of them new. After 12 months we created the blend and the wine was bottled, without fining and with only mild filtration.

Winery: Barkan   Variety: Blend
Country: Israel   Type: Red
Vintage: 2010   Bottle Size: 750ml

A deep, shiny red-purple color.On the nose the hints of mint are woven together with the cassis and the chocolate to create an enticing aroma of a mint-chocolate candy. Surprising earthiness combined with cloves, cinnamon and marzipan add elegant richness and complexity to the wine. After a short decantation the wine continues to develop, revealing a flowery, different and interesting bouquet.

The mouth presents ripe black-purple fruit. A fresh acidity and firm tannins which balance the sweetish fruit. The wood is apparent, but only gently so, and in balance with the other components of the taste, and the finish is long and pleasant. Despite the wine being balanced from the first mouthful, decantation allows it to soften and reveal additional layers of fruit which add complexity and strength to the wine, with the elegance lingering throughout the drinking experience.