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BINYAMINA RESERVE Late Harvest Gewurztraminer

The vineyard is planted on a basaltic slope with a high level of red tuff soil at the edge of Ramat Dalton, at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level. The basaltic soil is rich in minerals and well drained. The climate is one of very cold winters with several snowfalls and summers with hot sunny days and cool nights. Humidity is relatively low, which is conducive to the development and retention of the grapes’ aromatic and flavor components. The wine was produced with traditional dessert wine production processes from famous wine regions such as Alsace in France and the Rhine in Germany. The grapes were picked at the end of the harvest season when very ripe, and all components – sugar, aromas and acidity – were high due to grape shriveling. At the same time some of the clusters developed the botrytis cinerea fungus, also known as “noble rot”, which promotes moisture loss, higher concentrations of the grapes’ components and the development of secondary aromas that increase the wine’s complexity and the intensity of its flavors. The clusters were harvested with meticulous care and only the ripest grapes went into producing this wine - thus the name of the wine – Selected Clusters. The grapes were destemmed and crushed and the juice underwent two months of very slow cold-fermentation

Winery: Binyamina   Variety: Gewurztraminer
Country: Israel   Type: White
Vintage:   Bottle Size:

Golden yellow in color with a rich and complex aroma of tropical fruit - especially lychee, red grapefruit and rose water. Its high sugar level is beautifully and precisely balanced by a natural crispness and it has a rich and long lingering finish with dominant fruity and floral overtones 

The wine is ideal as an aperitif or served with refined classic dishes such as goose liver confit on toast or and endive salad with Roquefort cheese and roasted walnuts.