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Jezreel Valley Winery is a boutique winery dedicated to true Israeli winemaking, combining the best of winemaking tradition and state of the art technology. We are creating exciting new wines, which reflect our passion for original Israeli wine.

The winery was established in 2012 following the dreams of Jacob Ner-David and Yehuda Nahar with a goal of creating wines that have a unique statement. Their shared dream included establishing a high quality winery that would combine traditional winemaking with their love of the land and of Israel, all the while maintaining advanced technology and bold choices in the landscape of the local wine industry.

The partners of the winery are a group of people from all over the world (Israel, USA, and Europe) bringing in their own experience and world view.

Examples of our unique wine choices are the Mediterranean varietals we focus on: Argaman, Carignan and Syrah that make our unique red blend, ADUMIM. As well as our fresh and aromatic white blend, LEVANIM, consists of Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard and Gewurtzraminer varietals. The winemaking process is led by Yehuda Nahar with the close guides of consultant winemaker Ari Erle.

The wines are distributed in premium hotels, restaurants and selected wine stores such as Waldurf Astoria, King David Hotel, Mamila Hotel, Shila restuarnt, Jajo Wine-Bar and many more. We currently export to the USA, Canada and Europe. In the UK you can try our Carignan and Chardonnay in Hotel Café Royal in London.