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The Givon winery produces its quality wines by using the choicest grapes from the best vineyards in central Israel. 
Due to the unique environment for growing grapes in this area, these grapes are of an extremely high quality.
 To insure that this quality is maintained, Givon vintners use a strict selection process during harvesting.
 They are also careful to make sure that each harvest occurs early in the morning so that grapes reach the winery at a
 low temperature. Once the grape harvest reaches the winery, each individual grape must pass a thorough and 
strict selection process.  Then, the grapes are crushed, and the long process of making a great wine begins.
 As you can see, it takes more than great grapes to make a great wine. That’s why Nir Arnesti and Shuki
 Segal meet intensively during every phase of the production process – ensuring that every bottle of wine 
is produced to the most exacting standards possible.