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Matar by Pelter

The idea of creating a kosher wine label developed over the years naturally as part of Pelter Winery’s continued growth. We wanted to expand on existing operations and to welcome a larger and more diverse audience into our customer circle. The connection between the two brands – Pelter and Matar – make new markets more accessible and encourages us to redefine, refresh and innovate our goals and creative processes. Our endeavors in this enterprise are based on curiosity and we aspire to maintain originality and an open mind. Tal Pelter, Winemaker and co-owner of Pelter and Matar Wineries. Continuing the family’s farming tradition, Tal studied agriculture at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, specializing in land and water use. In 1998, he began two years of viticulture studies at Curtin University in Western Australia, earning a bachelor’s degree with honors. During his stay in Australia, Tal gained extensive experience working with winemaker John Griffith at Darlington Estate, a boutique winery located in the Perth hills, producing premium wines including blends, sparkling wines, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. After completing his studies, Tal worked an additional year at Evans & Tate Winery, located in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. In 2001, Tal returned to Israel with a vision of establishing his own winery. After the sudden and unexpected passing of his mother Tiva in 2002, Tal founded Pelter Winery in her honor. Supported and assisted by the extended family, Tal embarked on a personal and enthusiastic journey to produce premium wines in Israel. Nir Pelter, C.E.O and co-ownerof Pelter and Matar Wineries. After the completion of his extendedmilitary service in 2005, Nir chose to join the winery. Nir was highly motivated by the independent spirit of the business, the teamwork, and the excitement of being a part of a new venture. During the past two years, Tal and Nir decided to establish Matar, a premium brand Kosher winery.