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Yatir Winery

Yatir is a small and high quality winery which was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between the grape-growers of the area and Carmel Winery. The winery was built at the foot of the famous Tel Arad archeological site, which features the ruins of a 3000 year old Canaanite city and from the later period of Judea. The winery is situated in the north eastern Negev, fulfilling the dream of David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, of making the desert bloom. However the high altitude, cool climate vineyards of Yatir Forest are only ten minutes away in the southern Judean Hills. It is the connection with Judea which encouraged the winery to choose The Lion of Judah as the logo of Yatir Winery. The viticulturists and winemakers of the winery are committed to the highest quality, and aim to emphasize the uniqueness of their vineyards through the character and quality of their wines.

Ya'akov Ben-Dor is managing director and a member of the group of vineyard owners who originally planted the vineyards in the Yatir Forest in 1997. Eran Goldwasser, head winemaker, graduated from Adelaide university in Australia, working in many Australian wineries before joining Yatir, which, through his winemaking skills, has become world renowned with several wines receiving gold medalsand 90 point plus ratings from famous publications, including Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator.