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Tulip Winery

About nine years ago, the Yitzhaki family fulfilled their dream and established a boutique winery that combines quality wine production alongside contribution to the community.

The family chose to place the winery on a hillside, in the northern edge of the Carmel in a small pastoral village overlooking the magnificent views of the Jezreel Valley.

Kfar Tikva is a community settlement for people with special needs, and their goal is to allow the disabled community to develop and realize their abilities.

The wonderful combination of vision and the family's desire to make wine produced an exciting model of wine industry that employs members of Kfar Tikva and provides them with a business platform to integrate in the labor industry like any other person.

A family vision that focuses on high standard wine production out of love, professional knowledge and a true connection to the field, in a family atmosphere which gives a unique personal aroma to the wines.

Today, Tulip Winery is considered a rising star on the map of boutique wineries in Israel due to the high standard wine production without compromise, starting from the selection of high quality vineyards while at the same time using the most advanced technology, and constant observance of providing full value for the price.

Tulip in the Community

Kfar Tikva
Kfar Tikva - a home and a place for special people, a community settlement that constitutes a unique model in Israel and worldwide, where a person with special needs and disabilities can develop and realize his capabilities. Kfar Tikva was founded in 1964 on the Zeid Hills in the Jezreel Valley, near Kiryat Tivon. Kfar Tikva has about 200 members and is diverse in age, nature of disability, adjustment difficulties, functioning and independence level.

Tulip Winery fits the vision of Kfar Tikva by employing its members in the wine production process while encouraging involvement in the community and promoting joint activities such as sale of handicrafts work of the village members and more.

The members that work in the winery take part in the harvest, bottling and packaging of the wines, and assist in hosting at the winery's visitor center.

"Without a label"
The great love of Tulip Winery to "friends" of Kfar Tikva in Kiryat Tivon produced a unique social initiative. Together with the associations Akim, Ilan, and the Shanti house, the social project "without a label" was born - an art project that mediates in a unique way between the business and community worlds.

In order to find the ultimate label for Tulip Winery's wine flag, the Black Tulip, an art contest was declared between art classes students of all four associations so that the winning drawing will ultimately become the desired wine label. After serious doubts and struggles, the drawing chosen in Tulip Winery out of 14 final drawings was that of David Ashkenazi, a talented creator having Down syndrome from Akim association. "The colorfulness and abstract of his work captured all of our hearts".

The project "without a label" was created out of the belief that Labels should be put on wine not on an entire population.

Port Esperanza
The word "Esperanza" means hope in Spanish, as the name of Kfar Tikva (the "village of hope") where Tulip winery is located and operates.

The drawing on the front label was painted by a member of the village as part of an art competition held in which members were asked to draw a picture inspired by the Jezreel Valley. The members were very happy about the competition and within two days about 300 drawings were received, out of which this drawing was chosen to represent the port wine of the winery.

Vineyards and Locations of the Tulip Winery

Tulip Winery carefully selects the vineyards of which the grapes are used for producing wine, the winery guarantee long-term agreements with the vine growers that allow the winemaker to lead the process of growing grapes and to control the crop level of the vineyard.

Kadesh Viniard

The vineyard is located in the Kadesh Valley near Moshav Ramot Naftali in the Upper Galilee. High quality Shiraz develops as much as the vineyard aging progresses.

Year of planting: 2005
Vineyard Height: 400 meters above sea level
Specie: Shiraz
Type of soil: Basaltic
Features: Shiraz vineyard is strong and bears aromatic and powerful fruits

Kfar Yuval Vineyard

The vineyard is located in Kfar Yuval (near Metula) at the foot of Mount Hermon and is the far northern vineyard in the State of Israel. One of the best syrah vineyards in Israel, which brings the winery many awards year after year.

Year of planting: 1996 and 2001
Vineyard Height: 300 meters above sea level
Species: Gewürztraminer, Shiraz, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon
Type of soil: Limestone combined with basalt
Features: careful and dedicated growth of vineyard characterized by very cold temperatures in the winter and a cool breeze in the evening from Lebanon Valley of the ripening season

Alma Vineyard

The vineyard is located in front of Moshav Alma in Ramat Dalton. Strong, mature vines that bear the highest quality Cabernet Sauvignon wines in Israel.

Year of planting: 1995
Vineyard Height: 750 meters above sea level
Specie: Cabernet sauvignon
Type of soil: basaltic
Features: Very cool climate and cool temperatures even in the hottest days of the summer. This vineyard is isolated from other lands and therefore the need for pest and disease control is minimal.

Kerem Ben Zimra

The vineyard is located in the plateau of Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra, in Ramat Dalton of the Upper Galilee. This old Sauvignon Blanc vineyard allows the production of an elegant white wine contained in "White Tulip".

Year of planting: 1982
Vineyard Height: 850 meters above sea level
Specie: Sauvignon Blanc
Type of soil: basaltic
Features: Cool climate and the composition of an optimal soil for growing white wine grapes.

Tsivon Vineyard

The vineyard is located in Kibbutz Tzivon at the foot of Mount Meron. This special unique and high quality organic vineyard enjoys the cool weather of a high area.

Year of planting: 2006
Vineyard Height: 700 meters above sea level
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah
Type of soil: Clay like with granite river stones
Features: The organic growth method naturally result in low crops and small and concentrated grapes that produce special complex wines.

Karmei Yosef Vineyard

The vineyard is located in Carmei Yosef in the lower Judean Hills, in one of the old growth areas in Israel. This vineyard is grown in a unique method to strengthen the fruits aroma, which was developed by Professor Oded Shoseyov.

Year of planting: 1995
Vineyard Height: 150 meters above sea level.
Species: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Type of soil: Rich heavy stone Granite
Features: Efficient air drainage during the day and low temperatures at night. The unique growth method in this vineyard produces full-bodied wines with very ripe, fruity aromas.

Mata Vineyard

The vineyard is located in the hills of Jerusalem in front of Moshav Mata, east of Emek HaElah. This vineyard enjoys a dedicated and professional growth in one of the high quality interesting areas in Israel.

Year of planting: 1996 and 2002
Vineyard Height: 650-750 meters above sea level
Species: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdoux
Type of soil: Terra - Rossa, rich in rocks
Features: Cool temperatures and natural low crops that produce elegant and fascinating wines. This vineyard is one of the best Cabernet Franc vineyards in the country.

The People Behind the Bottle

Roee Yitzhaki - CEO of the winery

Established the winery on his own during his bachelor's degree in economics, devoted all his energy and skills to manage the winery and led it to a thriving national and international success.

Roee, an utterly businessperson and entrepreneur, talented, with a brilliant marketing head that will never cease to fill with new ideas and his eyes gleam to projects or cooperation with an aim to promote his business.

"I live, breathe and sleep my work in the winery ...Tulip Winery is like my firstborn child born nine years ago and today he is already an adult child that has accumulated enormous experience and success in life"

Yitzhak Yitzhaki - The leader of the Yitzhaki family

Yitzhak came from the world of building engineering and made his strong fondness for wine as an additional profession.

On weekends, Yitzhaki and his wife Leah arrive to the winery to greet visitors with a constant smile on their faces and a strong desire to share with each guest about the winery and its operations.

"I combine the two major loves in my life - my dear family, involved in the business success and wine that I so enjoy pouring and drinking ..."

Grace Sherman - Marketing & Export Manager

Grace is responsible for the marketing strategy in Tulip Winery, building the brand and managing the winery's public relations.

Grace is in continuous contact with journalists, manages the production of marketing material of the winery, and is responsible for the export and business collaborations of the winery with external parties.

"I find that working in the winery inspires me to excel and to challenge myself in the believe that the only borders we have are the ones that we make, in wine & in Kfar Tikva there are no borders...."

Accolades for Tulip Wines

Tulip Winery wines receive much recognition and prestigious prizes in important wine competitions in Israel and worldwide.

"Golden Cluster" Competition 2010:
Mostly Cabernet Franc 2007 - Silver Medal
Syrah Reserve 2007 - Bronze Medal

Best Value Competition 2010:
Mostly Cabernet Franc 2007 - Bronze Medal

Best Value Competition 2009:
Just Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - Gold Medal
Mostly Shiraz 2006 - Gold Medal
Mostly Cabernet Franc 2006 - Silver Medal
White Tulip 2008 - Silver Medal

Terra Vino Competition 2008:
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2006 - Gold Medal
Mostly Cabernet Franc 2006 - Gold Medal
Mostly Shiraz 2006 - Gold Medal

"Golden Cluster" Competition 2008:
Mostly Cabernet Franc 2006 - Gold Medal
Syrah Reserve 2006 - Bronze Medal
Mostly Shiraz 2006 - Bronze Medal