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Shiloh Winery

Whether referring to the ageless blessing from Jacob, the Jewish forefather, or to the words of the Prophet Ezekiel, quality grapes and wine production have been associated with the Shiloh region for millennia. Because of this ancient, yet enduring blessing, the pristine view at altitudes ranging from 750 meters to 900 meters (2,461 to 2,953 feet) above sea level, or an immeasurable love of the land, entrepreneur Dr. Mayer Chomer could not resist founding the Shiloh winery in this region. Established back in 2005, and overlooking the astonishing view of the Benjamin strip - Shiloh Winery is launching extraordinary wines from this biblical site, the most ancient terroir in the world.

Shiloh Logo

Strength, passion, internal force, humility, personality, greatness and the sovereignty represented by the bull constitute and integral part of what Joseph and Shiloh represents. "Sovereignty is his ox-like one - majesty is his and his glory will be the horns of a reeim..." (Deuteronomy 33/17)

Soil & Climate

All grape growing conditions for producing the best of quality wines exist in the Judean Desert and particularly where Shiloh's vineyards are located. It is a desert zone with the cold dawn of the nights and the deep warm of the days that create an ideal climate for the wines at almost 800 meters above the sea level; its an oasis within the desert. A combination of limestone - clay soil, rich in sedimentary fragments and the altitude above the 800 meters combined with the use of the highest and latest technology give us the perfect conditions to create quality wines that have been internationally awarded and recognized around the globe.