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Psagot Winery

The Psagot Winery is a boutique winery established 7 years ago by Yaacov and Naama Berg. The Winery focuses on producing the finest premium wines; the winery is situated on a hillside on the heights of Nachalat Binyamin, north of Jerusalem.

The Psagot Winery started as a "garage" winery and produced 4000 bottles in its first year.

Today, the winery produces about 150,000 bottles a year and many of the wines are exported. Among the countries to which the wine is exported: USA, Canada, South America, Australia, France and England.

Recently, the Psagot Winery inaugurated a beautiful Visitors Center overlooking a breathtaking view.

The winery's Visitors Center overlooks the Edom mountains in the east and Jerusalem to the south.

This area was rich with vineyards and wineries in ancient times whose remains are found till day.

The finest wines are aged in an ancient cave from the Second Temple which is located in the heart of the winery's vineyards.

The winery's vineyards are planted on ancient limestone terraces at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level in the northern hills of Jerusalem. The vines growing in this unique vineyard are planted in stones in which holes were drilled for each subsoil and seedling. Vine roots that penetrate the rock are rarely irrigated and thus affect the rare quality of the grapes and the unique complexity of the winery’s wines.

The entire harvest is done manually in the early morning hours and the wine is treated by an instrument of the highest quality while strictly ensuring the quality of the wine.

The Winery's wine line includes:
Psagot Edom, Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon, Psagot Merlot, Psagot Cabernet Franck, Psagot Prat, Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon a from Single Vineyard and Viognier.

The wines of the "Psagot Winery" are available in wine shops throughout the country.