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Golan Flam

Golan's passion for winemaking has been part of him since childhood, while he was playing in the experimental vineyards of the University of California Davis viticulture & oenology program, where his father was a student.

Golan started his professional career studying agriculture in Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot ,at the Hebrew University Jerusalem, and continued his studies for a master's degree in viticulture & oenology in the Piacenza University near Milan.

Upon the successful completion of his studies, he became an intern in the Carpineto Winery of Tuscan fame. This period of his life had a major influence on his oenological ideology.

From Italy he went on to work at Tintara Winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia, in order to specialize in warm climate viticulture and winemaking, similar to the weather conditions found in Israel, with the vision of returning home and crafting world class wines. In 1998, once Golan finished the internships, he returned home to realize his dream: establishing a high quality winery in Israel.

Contact the winemaker at: winemaker@iwpa.com