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David Bar-Ilan

David started his career in the wine world at Soreq winery in 2001. Until 2006 he studied and worked at the "House of wine", located in Kibbutz Maabarot and also worked for "Avi Ben" wine store in Jerusalem.

In those places he tasted, learned and exposed to every Israeli wine that could be ever imagine.

In 2003 David made his own firs wine - 2000 bottles only "Just to make sure I really know what I'm doing" according to his say. 2004 was the year he registered "Tel Chay" college and had his B.A on Cellar Master.

In 2006 David relocated to Australia and worked at two wineries over there. At Rosevears winery he worked as a winemaker assistant.

After returned to Israel he became one of Keshet winery's establishers, located in Migdal Ha'Emek. During his job at Keshet's he met Arkadi Papikian, a wine consulting that became, a while after, one of the partners at Amphora winery and hired David as the winery's winemaker.

Arkadi Papikian consult for Tulip winery for many years and these days gets to work with David again.

We are welcome David and believe he will do nothing but good to out wines and quickly become to a family member at Tulip's family.

Contact the winemaker at: winemaker@iwpa.com