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Gershon Bodner

Combining time-honored winemaking traditions with state-of-the-art technologies, the Morad Winery opened more than a decade ago - but our roots in wine span several generations and encompass more than a half-century.

Founders Jacob Morad and his wife, Eti, each hail from families steeped in winemaking for their own personal enjoyment and ritual observance. In 1999, they opened Morad Winery, creating delicious wines inspired by treasured family recipes.

More recently, the Bodner family has joined the Morads in operating the world-class yet boutique winemaker. Together, the Morads and the Bodners share a passion for wine and a profound commitment to perfection, their aromatic, multi-flavored wines and liqueurs effortlessly turning meals into feasts and special occasions into unforgettable celebrations.

Contact the winemaker at: winemaker@iwpa.com